Why Güüd

Choosing Güüd is easy, let's look at why.

1. Our rigorous testing

Every single product produced by Güüd is tested continuously throughout the production process. It all starts with the seeds, we test them rigorously to ensure that we only grow the finest most stable genetics. After seed testing we test the plants in the field, often repeatedly to ensure that the plants are developing high levels of CBD and are free of all contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides. After harvesting our plants we test the material again to confirm the final CBD levels and to once again ensure that the material is contaminant free. After extracting the CBD oil from the flower using ultralow temperature ethanol we again test the resultant oil before distilling it and testing it again. The distillate is then formulated into products such as our tinctures and balms, these formulations are then tested once again to verify accurate formulation and adherence to product specifications.


All of our products are tested a minimum of five times before they reach our customers; this testing ensures quality, our highest priority.


2. Our awards

 Prior to the introduction of our own retail products, we sold the highest quality CBD extracts to some of the most well regarded CBD consumer products companies in the country. Many of these products, produced by our customers, have won prestigious awards. 

3. Our team

Founded in Central Oregon in 2016, by three best friends who have known one another since high school, the company has rapidly grown to 40 employees. Our team has been carefully selected to include top chemists and extractors in their field, and many of our local employees have been trained to carry out highly technical jobs. Each employee takes pride in working together to create our high-quality products.


We work with local farmers who have been farming in Central Oregon for generations. They understand how to farm sustainably using crop rotations and cover crops to regenerate the soil. A healthy, nutrient-rich soil is critical to producing the high-quality products that Güüd is proud to manufacture.